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Welcome to CRV & Co

The Corona Rivera Velázquez firm was founded in 1965 by the CPA Juan Corona Ramirez, who served as Partner and Managing Director (currently Managing Partner General Honorary Founder) until December 1994. 


  • Counseling, Consultancy and Legal Defense

    Investors and companies in their capacity as federal treasury taxpayers are entitled to feel uncomfortable against any act of authority that may affect their assets

  • Lease Abstract

    A summary of lease is a summary of the key financial, business and legal information that exists in a lease of the property of an enterprise. Just as unusual lease provisions, financial obligations or other matters of importance

  • Government Sector

    The General Government Accountability Act, which is generally and mandatory applied as of 2010, creates new challenges for the different levels of government


  • History

    The Corona Rivera Velázquez firm was founded in 1965 by the C.P.A. Juan Ramirez Corona, who served as Partner and Managing Director (currently Honorary Managing Partner Founder) until December 1994.

  • Mission

    To deeply understand our customers’ needs and areas of opportunity, to provide professional solutions that exceed their expectations and that through this

  • Vision

    To consolidate ourselves as one of the best certified public accountants and business advisors firm in the country, always committed to the service and quality that sets us apart

Partnership and Certifications

  • CRV is part of the Global Compact

    It is a network of companies and organizations adhering to the Global Compact of the United Nations, committed to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility

  • Social Responsibility

    We are highly committed to a culture of social responsibility, that's why we continually promote it among the partners

  • Leading Edge Alliance

    The Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) is one of the largest international associations of accounting and consulting firms independently owned


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  • Tax reform 2016

    Tax reform 2016

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